Keltie Joins The Yew Team

September 25, 2021

This past year Yew and Co. has changed and grown, as I have switched gears from family photography into corporate shooting, the growth of the Yew Greenhouse, creating the Garden Shop and so much more!   The one thing that has been most exciting among all this was the growth of Team Yew.  

Back in May, I approached my dear friend and asked if she knew anyone “like her” who she could recommend to work with me.  <insert secret plan>  She responded a few days later, asking for more information, maybe she could fit it… exactly what I hoped for!  From there we talked and both were so excited at the possibility and potential of what working together could mean.  So, on a cool spring morning, we toasted to begin the 1st ever Team Yew meeting.  So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the avocado to my (gluten free) toast…… Keltie! 

Keltie and I go way back, all the way to 2003, when we met through common friends.  We weren’t friend-friends but knew each other.  When we moved back to Vancouver Island from Edmonton a few years ago, I had posted that I needed something picked up from a town south of us, and she reached out to help me. From there, we have become the best kind of friends and I knew she would be the perfect fit.  Working together the past few months has been so much fun, we complement each other in our thinking, ways we approach a project and how we work together so easily.  It’s been the best! 

So let’s get to know her with a little Q&A (you know all the important things!): 

What is your favourite flower?

Tough! I love all flowers, historically I would say gerber daisies, but in recent years, I have come to love sweet peas, poppies, dahlias sooo much! 

What is something about you that people would find surprising?

I played the french horn for several years! Originally because my mom did and that would be cool! When I tried to switch to a cuter instrument, my band teacher didn’t think it was a good idea (I think because I was the only French Horn in the band). 

What is your favorite flavor of chips? 

Ketchup! I adore ketchup chips, which I know are a love it or hate it.  

What would your last meal be?

My moms pork chops & scalloped potato’s with garden salad.  My mom has made this for me for my birthday every year since forever and there’s such comfort and memories associate with it now. 

If you have lunch with anyone living or dead who would it be?

My grandparents. I would love to talk to them now as an adult and parent.  I feel I could glean so much wisdom from them and wish I had the chance to hear more stories of my parents as children, as well as more of their life stories from their own experiences (or at least this time I would remember hearing them). 

What are your big dreams for Yew & Co.? and what are you looking forward to with Y&C in 2022?

I think working with Emily has brought out the ability to dream again!! So for 2022, I am dreaming for a spectacular garden show (you should all come!), new friendships, and saying yes to new opportunities!!  I am looking forward to stepping out of my comfort and jumping into new adventures, and even dusting off old passions, like blogging!! Working with Em has brought back an excitement I’ve been missing.

I think 2022 is going to be full of special things and I sure hope you all stick around for the ride! 


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