How to Decorate Your Front Porch For Fall Using only Natural and Dried Items

October 7, 2021

Who else loves fall and all the beauty it offers?  The changing colors on trees, crisp temperatures often filled with sunshine filled skies. It’s really a special season, saying good bye to summer gardens, but not without its own beauty and wonder.  

One thing that I love to do is seasonally decorate my front porch.  It’s a fun creative project I can do with my kids and helps bring the beauty of each new season that we get to enjoy every time we come home! 

Of course, the first stop for my front porch is a visit to Coastal Black Pumpkin fest.  It sure helps when your BFF is a pumpkin farmer!!  The selection of pumpkins is always out of the world, but this year the new varieties that were added were  a perfect fit for the Yew front porch 2021!

Next on my list was finding new wreaths for our front doors.  We have double doors, so not only can it be a challenge to find a wreath I like, but also finding  2 wreaths.  I found some maybe’s but nothing was love, so in the end, I decided to DIY wreaths and am so glad I did. 

I think sometimes we can get overwhelmed at the prospect of DIY’s but I have to say this one was super fun and fairly easy to do!  My biggest tip would be, keep the stems as long as you can and work them into the wreath frame clockwise (or counterclockwise) just stay working in the same direction the whole wreath!  But be creative and try new things! Everything on the wreath is real and dried, sourced from my yard (vanilla strawberry hydrangeas that dry perfectly as is just use them fresh and let them dry on the wreath), and a few items from the Yew Shop I’ll like each one here:

(Palm Spears, Nigella Orientalis, and Bunny Tails)

It’s so fun to come home and be greeted by a beautiful front entrance.  Plus at the end of the season, my chickens will get a tasty pumpkin treat and the deer will devour the mums! A zero-waste fall decor!! 

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