A Soft and Dreamy Natural Fall Tablescape

October 9, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my Canadian friends! I wanted to share my table this year (actually this year I had two because I did a friendsgiving last weekend where my table setting was *gasp* colourful!)

But for this room I wanted super soft, super earthy, and all natural. Meaning nothing that wouldn’t be either composted or eaten by my chickens (besides the candles and vases I use for every season). This makes it super super easy and inexpensive! Use those gardens friends!

The incredibly beautiful pumpkins are from my favourite local farm Coastal Black, and they are absolutely stunning!

I foraged a lot from my garden to finish the rest, my vanilla strawberry hydrangeas have really been stepping up for my decor this year, I used them everywhere! I love them because they are so simple to dry, you literally snip them and then leave them and they dry perfectly as is without any extra steps required. I also used some sweet little bunny tails I planted with this exact plan in mind! A few of the other dried pampas and dark bunny tails are from my shop. I also clipped a bit of dead astilbe from my pots which added a beautiful rust tone to the table.

You can find all the dried table top items and vases here

Anyhoo I’ll be back tomorrow to share the colour filled tablescape I did in the greenhouse for my friendsgiving!

Any questions or comments ?! I’d love to hear them! How are you decorating your table this year?!

And lastly thank you to one of my favourite wineries Gray Monk for the delicious wine!




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