Introducing Yew Designs: Wallpaper and Decal Collection

June 27, 2022


A year ago while talking with friends about my love of wallpaper and decals I half joked “I need my own wallpaper line!” That thought lingered though and I knew this was something creatively I wanted to pursue. Like all my ideas I always think it’s going to be quicker and easier that it is in reality. Months and months were spent pouring over ideas, mood boards, and color palettes. I worked with artists all over the world and taught myself adobe illustrator! I wanted a collection that was reflective of my photography and home decor style: soft, feminine, timeless (and pastel who are we kidding 😜). Here we are a year later and my collection is complete! Some designs I created, some I curated, all I adore!

*Boy mama’s I’m working on some decal and wallpaper options for your little dudes that I will release at a separate date.

**Sourcing a printer was also a super important step. I wanted to work with a Canadian small shop and found the best – an awesome father daughter team right here in B.C! Thank you West Coast Walls for helping bring my dream to reality.

So with that let me show you the goods!

Yew Garden

This was the first design that was created. This was the design that taught me the most. I wanted this print to be reflective of the Yew Greenhouse garden. A blooming cottage garden with all my favourite flowers; hydrangeas, dahlias, lavender, cosmos, hollyhock, and roses. The color palette was based on my brand colors; soft purples, pinks, creams, and a hint of blue (which is my new color crush). I envision this print in offices, powder rooms, bedrooms, and elegant nurseries.

Weeping Wisteria

There is something so incredibly romantic and enchanting about a beautiful draping Wisteria in bloom. This print is inspired by some beautiful wisteria bushes in my town and one of my favourite songs which has the lyric;

“I want to watch Wisteria grow right over my bare feet because I haven’t moved in years”.

*This print can be done with any background color!

Pastel Blooms

This is the print that may be nearest to my heart. I spent hours in adobe illustrator bringing her to life. (Huge shout out to my graphic designer friend Shevawn who owns Honeysuckle swim for answering all my ai questions! turns out it’s very different from photoshop).

Anyhoo the vision behind this print was my girls. They are now 4 and 6, out of cribs but still little princesses. We worked together on this print. We wanted something that had a feeling of joy and all the colors of childhood. We chose blues, pinks, teals, a little pop of yellow, and soft greys and creams to tie it all together. It is SO cheerful and looks absolutely stunning in their new room (separate post on their new room reveal with swing and book wall coming soon!) I also love that because this print has a variety of colors it’s very easy to match to a variety of bedding, carpets, accent walls, colored piece of furniture etc.

Little Gardener’s – Blue

Recognize this print?! Yup it’s the Yew Greenhouse print that me and Honeysuckle designed together. Shop the swimsuit (our absolute summer must) – here. I adore this print, it is so whimsical and inviting. Inspire your littles to be green thumbs right from the start! This print would be so cute on a feature wall, in a playroom, or add some character to the inside of your child’s closet or drawers. Available in Pink and Blue (or a custom color let’s talk!)

Little Gardener’s – Pink

Georgia Peach

I couldn’t resist adding this adorable print which makes me think of my sweet little Georgia girl. Peach will forever be one of my favourite colors, and is the perfect soft neutral with a pop of sweetness for any room!

Land Before Time

Named after my favourite movie as kid (where are all my 90’s kids at?!) This sweet dino print is so playful and fun! It would be perfect for baby all the way to child, and would be a great option for playrooms, and dino loving girls or boys!

Flower Party

Have a flower party any day of the week! With gorgeous peaches, blues, greens, and raspberry blooms this print instantly adds elegance and joy to any room!


Pastel Blooms Floral

Terrified of wallpaper? I got you. I am offering my signature Pastel Blooms in wallpaper and decals in TWO sizes. Regular (same ish scale as the wallpaper) and Large for a more dramatic look.

Floral Decal Packs

These adorable floral packs are perfect for mixing and matching with each other to create your own unique expression. The are available in two sizes so your options are only limited to your imagination!

Ava Floral

Autumn Floral

Catherine Floral

Arietty Floral

Gigi Berry

Mila Floral

Poppy Floral

Watercolor Hearts

The perfect compliment to pair with a floral pack, or sweet on their own! Come in 3 color choices: Pinks, Pastels, and Neutrals.

That’s all folks! The first drop in the Yew Designs Collection. I SO hope you love them as much as I do!

Launch Month Specials!

Buy any wallpaper or decal pack before July 27th and get a free design consult with me and my team 🙂 Let’s create the space of your dreams!

Also enjoy FREE SHIPPING on your wallpaper and decal orders! (discount automatically applied at checkout for wallpaper and decal orders)




Congratulations Your Collection is Beautiful! You can tell the love and thought that went into the design. Amazing as Always !

Aw thank you so much!!


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